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Frequently Asked Questions


What do you mean by Indigenous peoples?Indigenous peoples are the descendants of those who originated in or first inhabited a place. They are defined partly by decent, partly by the particular features that indicate their distinctiveness from those who arrived later – such as their language and ways of life – and partly by their own views of themselves.
In which countries does IEF work?IEF is currently focusing its primary work in the Mentawai islands, Indonesia. However, in years to come we plan to expand our extensive Community Research and programs into other countries throughout the globe.
Where does IEF funding come from?IEF raises all funding independently through public donation, fundraising events, and through ‘in kind’ support from associated organisations and associations. See here for one of many ways you can give support too.
Does IEF make a profit?No. IEF is a non-profit organisation.
Is IEF accredited?IEF is registered as a public benevolent institution and is fully accredited by the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC) and adheres to its stringent standards of accountability.
Is my donation tax deductible?IEF is endorsed by the ATO as an Income Tax Exempt Charity and has Deductible Gift Recipient status. Meaning all donations of $2 or over are fully tax-deductible.
Does IEF have religious or political affiliations?IEF has no membership or affiliation to any political party or religion.
How does IEF decide which areas or communities to develop programs within?IEF has a team of experienced researchers who, after identifying the suitable locations of displaced Indigenous communities, conduct a series of assessments to determine their current situation. If the community qualifies for support IEF will then commence its lengthy community research and engagement component within.
Are IEF programs sustainable?Sustainability is a key criterion within the evaluation, design and implementation of IEF programs. See Programs.
Does IEF have a policy for emergencies? Yes. IEF works in high-risk disaster regions and has a comprehensive strategy in place for emergencies.
Can I select which IEF program I’d like my donation to support?Absolutely. Visit the Programs page to select the program that best suits your interests. After clicking through to the donation form you will then be able to specify which program you'd like to contribute toward.
How much of my donation goes to the program?IEF keeps a running tally on how your money is being spent. Click here to see this for yourself!
Why does IEF need to invest in administration?IEF programs rely on administration spending. Without the small amount of money that goes to administration costs it would be impossible to continue the work we do within these displaced Indigenous communities. Every cent you donate is vital in going toward helping IEF achieve its goals.
Can I volunteer for IEF?On occasions IEF will request applications for volunteers. See the Careers and Internships page for current announcements and to email your cv through to our HR department.
I want to raise money for IEF. Do I need approval to use IEF branding to promote this? If you’re planning a fundraising event for IEF please contact our staff to discuss the best way we can help make it a success. Anyone wanting to use the IEF name or logo on any promotional material must seek approval from IEF prior to doing so.
Can I donate clothing, food, or other supplies to IEF?IEF does not accept donated goods. If you would like to give your support please visit the Donate page to explore the many available options.
How can my school or workplace get involved with IEF?There are many ways schools and workplaces can get involved with IEF, such as presentations, fundraising events, partnerships, or other. For more information and to discuss these options please contact IEF.
Do you have academic resources?All IEF community research reports and studies are made available for download. Books and Films can be purchased for academic institutions through the IEF Shop.
Does IEF work with other charities? Yes. IEF partners can be viewed here, or if you are interested in discussing a possible partnership please contact IEF here.
How can I help?There are many ways you can help IEF. Please visit our Act Now page for a list of options. If you don’t find anything suitable here please contact the IEF staff with your ideas or enquiries.
I am a regular donor, how do I update or make changes to my details?Contact IEF administration staff here to update your payment or contact details.
What if I don’t want to donate online? IEF also accepts donation over the phone or in person. Please call or email for more information.
I am a monthly donor, how do I change the amount I donate each month?You can either contact IEF admin staff and they will make the adjustment, or otherwise click on the donation form here, enter your details - including the new monthly donation amount - and this will update your monthly donation.
How do I give feedback or make a complaint about IEF?Please provide all feedback or lodge a complaint against IEF via email and our staff will assess and respond accordingly.