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Rob Henry


Rob Henry has worked with marginalised groups at a grass-root level for over a decade. Since 2008, Rob has lived and worked with the Mentawai community in western Sumatra, conducting anthropological research focused on Indigenous cultural knowledge, oral literature and the cause and impacts of loss of connection with their culture, land and its resources. In 2014, Rob founded the Indigenous Education Foundation (IEF) to empower the Mentawai community and other Indigenous peoples across the globe to reconnect with and further strengthen their culture as a means to prevent poverty. In 2017, Rob produced and directed award-winning documentary film, As Worlds Divide, which, filmed over the course of 8 years living with the Mentawai, explores the impacts of displacement and provides a compelling insight into the value of Indigenous knowledge in relation to some of today’s greatest global challenges. Rob has held the position of Chairman of the IEF board of Directors from 2014 - 2018. He continues volunteering his time as IEF President and working closely with our Indigenous partners.
Stephen Duns

Stephen Duns


Stephen Duns is an experienced health and human services executive, consulting advisor, bioethicist and coach in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors. Stephen’s experience includes consulting in the fields of social justice and human rights in the UK, Europe, USA and Australasia. He has also held several CEO and General Manager roles across hospitals, primary health care, and social and community services. Stephen holds a Doctorate in Business Leadership; a Master of Business Administration; Bachelor of Letters (Psychology); and Bachelor of Arts (Philosophy). He is an Honorary Fellow of the School of Psychology (Deakin University); Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors; and Senior Fellow of the Australian Graduate School of Leadership. Stephen has also held positions on numerous Boards, including Director of Allied Health Professionals Australia; President & Chair of Annecto; Director of Australian Graduate School of Leadership; Director & Chair of Merri Community Health Services; Chair of Austin Health’s Human Research Ethics Committee; and President and Chairman of the Board of Parkinson’s Victoria and Parkinson’s Australia. Currently, Stephen is the Chairman of Synergistiq and Faculty Lead at Leadership Victoria.

Tri Duc Nguyen


Tri Duc Nguyen arrived to Australia from Vietnam by boat as part of the UNHCR Refugee Program in the early 1980s, at a young age. Having benefitted greatly from growing up in strong supportive communities that encouraged cultural diversity and importantly retention, he is particularly keen to ensure that Indigenous cultures are maintained wherever possible and through empowerment. Professionally, he is currently the General Counsel and Company Secretary of Redundancy Payment Central Fund Ltd (Incolink), a redundancy fund for the Commercial Building and Civil Construction industry in Victoria and Tasmania.  He is an accomplished corporate lawyer with substantial commercial and legal experience, particularly in the areas of M&A, Capital Raising, Litigation, Corporate Law, Corporate Governance (ASX listed entities & Government), Company Secretarial & Compliance (ASX listed entities & Government), General Commercial Law, Property, Industrial Law and Intellectual Property. Tri has been in practice for over 22 years with 18 years in various senior in-house roles at ASX listed entities and Federal Government. He is a founding Board member of the Vietnamese Australian Benevolent Foundation (SA) and a Director of Clean Swell Dreaming Pty Ltd.
Meghan Warren

Meghan Warren

Advisory Support

Meghan Warren is Director and Senior Associate Lawyer at Burke & Associates Lawyers. She specialises in the areas of commercial law, disputes, business, contracts, employment, trusts and wills and estates. Coming from previous roles at Maurice Blackburn Commercial and Goldman Legal, Meghan is in her 11th year of practice and has great interest in charity, aid and development work both in Australia and overseas. Until merger with SurfAid in 2014, Meghan was child protection officer, accreditation and governance committee member and director of Sumba Foundation Australia. Meghan has also assisted in the establishment of health promotion charities such as Leila Rose Foundation. Her wealth of experience is now offered to IEF in her role as Advisory Support.
Nicole Murphy

Nicole Murphy


Nicole Murphy is Project Acquisition and Development Coordinator at Leadership Victoria
Mick Sowry

Mick Sowry


Mick Sowry is the Co-Founder, Concept Creator and Creative Director of Australian publication, Great Ocean Quarterly. He is the Writer, Director and Producer of award winning films such as Musica Surfica and most recently The Reef, a film and live music performance collaboration with the Australian Chamber Orchestra. Previously, he spent almost 30 years working as an art director/writer/creative director in the advertising industry. He left advertising to perilously pursue his interests in film, publishing and the arts. He is married with two children and lives in the coastal town of Torquay, Australia.
Greg Heath

Greg Heath


Greg Heath is a professional sole trader with ten years’ experience within the environmental and social industry, both private and government sectors. For most of his career, Greg has worked with Coffey International as a Senior Consultant within the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment team; working on a wide variety of local, national and international projects across a range of industries. Greg has extensive experience designing, implementing and managing a range of environmental and social field surveys in Papua New Guinea and Fiji. Within this position, Greg has held roles including: field program manager for over 20 independent environmental and social surveys, survey mobilisation and logistics, in-field person in charge, team coordination, project risk management, health and safety, data management and survey reporting. He is skilled in the following areas: project management, stakeholder engagement, field survey management and execution, specialist study management, data analysis and interpretation, environmental and socioeconomic baseline characterisation, environmental and social impact assessment and management plans, and health and safety leadership. Prior to commencing work with Coffey, Greg was employed by the Victorian State Government as a Project Officer for the Central Coastal Board. Greg holds a Master Degrees in Social Science (Environment and Planning), RMIT University.
Andrew Lunardi

Andrew Lunardi


Andrew Lunardi is a lawyer at Allens in the banking and finance practice group. He recently completed a Masters degree in Law and Finance at the University of Oxford, after previously completing a Bachelor of Commerce and the Juris Doctor at the University of Melbourne.

Damian Sutherland


Damian Sutherland is Senior Director at a leading Australian Accounting firm, William Buck, and holds numerous Board positions.

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