Indigenous Education Foundation Programs

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IEF partners with organisations who share in our key values and who demonstrate a community-first approach in their endeavours to achieve a similar goal and vision for the world's Indigenous peoples.
suku mentawai
Supporting Suku Mentawai
Pitstop Hill Mentawai   Umma Maonu Mentawai Retreat
friends of ief
andrea scrabini
Andrea Scabini
Andrea is a photographer from Malino, Italy. He has spent years travelling through remote regions of the world documenting the extraordinary lifestyles and landscapes between the different ethnic groups who've maintained connection to their cultural roots. He has generously donated some of his work to be used on the IEF website. For further information and to see more of Andrea's spectacular images please visit his photostream
Friends of IEF
Ingetje Tadros
Renowned photographer and traveller, Ingetje Tadros has now visited more than 45 countries across six continents capturing compelling images of the world’s indigenous people, their lifestyles and habitat. Ingetje has had her photography published in a long list of publications and has even published one herself. She was kind enough to donate images of indigenous Australia to be used on the IEF website. To see more of Ingetje’s work please visit her website at
Mai Wiru Sugar Foundation
Mai Wiru Foundation
Mai Wiru Foundation works in support of Mai Wiru's community-run mission to improve the health and well-being of Anangu (Aboriginal People) living on the APY Lands by ensuring food security. This is done by enabling their communities access to nutritious and affordable food and essential health consumables. To learn more and offer your support, visit Mai Wiru or the Mai Wiru Sugar Challenge Foundation
Providers for Papua
Providers For Papua
Providers For Papua (PFP) is a non-profit organisation focused on helping to improve the livelihoods of people within remote villages in PNG through empowering them to develop sustainable solutions. PFP provide provision of financial support to organisations working toward this goal. PFP kindly donated images to be used on the IEF website. For further information please visit their website at
rainforest rescue international
Rainforest Rescue International
RRI is a not-for-profit organisation established by a group of environmentalists in Galle, Sri Lanka. RRI work to protect vulnerable environments through ecosystem restoration, development of sustainable livelihoods, education, research and advocacy, by empowering local communities to manage and protect their own environment. For further information please visit their website at or
sergio carbajo
Sergio Carbajo
Sergio is a multi-award winning travel photographer from Barcelona in Spain. Fascinated by people, culture and tradition, he bases himself within indigenous communities for lengthy periods of time so as to capture his stunning images. Sergio has kindly donated some of his work for IEF to sell through our online store. To see more please visit their website at
tariq zaidi
Tariq Zaidi
Tariq is a fine art travel portrait photographer from London in the UK. He has successfully completed commissions in Sierra Leone, Cuba, Russia, Cambodia, Uganda, UAE, Japan and remote Indonesia. He has won several major international photography awards and published two books. He also teaches Photojournalism and Digital Photography at the prestigious Central Saint Martins - University of the Arts London. To see more of Tariq’s work please visit