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Indigenous Education Foundation Programs


To ensure our programs are successfully designed, developed, implemented and maintained by the local Indigenous community, IEF focuses its strategy on community research, engagement, and sustainability.

To gain an accurate understanding of each individual community's unique circumstance, so as to ensure a sustainable solution can be achieved, we base a member of IEF research staff within the community for extended periods to develop relationships and become a trusted and contributing member.

Through this, our research is collected in an accurate, informal and non-intrusive manner, with minimal impact on community expectations.

During our research component we identify key community members who are seen initiating activity in the interests of improving community wellbeing.

By focusing our support on local leaders driven to take control in initiating, developing, implementing and operating their own Indigenous educational solutions, we ensure community ownership and sustainability.

Beyond our focus on self-empowerment, IEF supports the local community in their design and development of a system relevant to their current social and economic environment, allowing the program to be adapted, expanded and sustained by the group well into the future.

Suku Mentawai

Our research, conducted extensively over an eight-year period in cooperation with the Indigenous Mentawai community, brought to light stark realities regarding the current condition of their health and wellbeing.

Rather than living in a stable and self-sustaining environment, as one might presume given the abundance of natural foods and resources available, a large portion of the population lives in a state of impoverishment.
Our findings revealed that these impoverished conditions are a direct result of a loss of access to their cultural and agricultural education, and led to the community development of a Cultural and Environmental Education Program (CEEP).

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Suku Mentawai Vision Board

Progress Reports


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Current Focus

At present IEF is focusing its resources on empowering implementation of the Suku Mentawai Cultural and Environmental Education Program (CEEP)

Key Documents

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