Watch a Film, Save a Culture - with BITCOIN!

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Watch a Film, Save a Culture - with BITCOIN!

The Indigenous Education Foundation (IEF) has expanded its payment options beyond credit cards and Paypal and is now accepting bitcoin donations as part of its ‘watch a film, save a culture’ #wafsac campaign. That’s right - #wafsac has gone crypto!

WAFSAC bitcoin
Given the nature of IEF’s work - empowering communities to reconnect with their culture and sustainable practice as a means to prevent long-term poverty, it made perfect sense to incorporate bitcoin as part of the fundraising strategy.

The premise of the #wafsac campaign is very simple - purchase documentary film As Worlds Divide for only $10 during October and join 100,000 people worldwide in helping Mentawai protect their Indigenous culture. All money raised will be used to implement their cultural education program over the next 10 years.

To join the #wafsac using bitcoin, go to and follow the payment checkout instructions. It will take a community to save one.