Your donations are making a positive difference

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Your donations are making a positive difference

Again, thank you to everyone who has supported our WAFSAC campaign over the past few months. The donations received are already being utilised and bringing positive impact to Mentawai’s Indigenous community.

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Inspired by the level of support shown by people all around the world, the Suku Mentawai Education Foundation have been fortifying their program by further developing the curriculum material to be taught within their program. Their aim is to have the program’s cultural education booklet complete by June, 2018.

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During November and December 2017, with support from Mentawai Government education departments, the team have been presenting their Indigenous education program at junior and senior schools throughout Siberut - discussing the importance of Mentawai culture and knowledge of their forest environment. The students are responding with great pride and enthusiasm and are keen to participate in the Suku Mentawai program as an extracurricular activity.

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The Foundation’s cultural education division have also begun identifying and training teachers for three program locations in Siberut’s southern districts, where the program is being commenced. Beyond this, they’ve also begun expanding their socialisation activities throughout schools in Siberut’s central regions. The aim is to begin Mentawai cultural and environmental classes here in July, 2018.

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The team at the Suku Mentawai Education Foundation are grateful for your support. Without your donations, this program would not be where it is today. Thank you.