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IEF-Rob Henry

Rob Henry


Rob Henry has worked with marginalised groups at a grass-root level for over a decade. Since 2008, Rob has lived and worked with the Mentawai community in western Sumatra, conducting anthropological research focused on Indigenous cultural knowledge, oral literature and the cause and impacts of loss of connection with their culture, land and its resources. In 2014, Rob founded the Indigenous Education Foundation (IEF) to empower the Mentawai community and other Indigenous peoples across the globe to reconnect with and further strengthen their culture as a means to prevent poverty. In 2017, Rob produced and directed award-winning documentary film, As Worlds Divide, which, filmed over the course of 8 years living with the Mentawai, explores the impacts of displacement and provides a compelling insight into the value of Indigenous knowledge in relation to some of today’s greatest global challenges. Rob has held the position of Chairman of the IEF board of Directors from 2014 - 2018. He continues volunteering his time as IEF President and working closely with our Indigenous partners.
Marijan Gubik

Marijan Gubic

Chief Executive Officer

Marijan Gubic has over twenty years of experience focused on strategic leadership, government affairs, corporate communications and negotiations as a diplomat and a consultant for PricewaterhouseCoopers in emerging markets. He has worked as the regional lead for strategic communications and civil society outreach for the World Bank in South Central Europe, promoting inclusive economic development of emerging nations seeking to join the European Union and adapt to the competitive forces of globalisation. He led communications campaigns to support inclusive economic development and managed World Bank Global Environment Facility trust funds in support of economic and social reforms. Serving as a senior diplomat for the government of Croatia in the United States, Marijan was responsible for strategic public diplomacy and managing comprehensive bilateral relations that transformed a partnership into an alliance through adroit engagement campaigns with successive U.S. administrations between 1995 and 2012. After serving as the Croatian Consul General in New York City in 2012, Marijan returned to Australia. As the founder and principal of Strategic Global Insights, Marijan advises corporations and institutions on business development opportunities in the Asia Pacific realm. Marijan Gubic received degrees in law, a master of arts in international relations and an honours degree in politics from Monash University and completed an executive course for senior government managers at the J. F. K. School of Government at Harvard University.
Samantha Lee

Samantha Lee

Operations Manager

Samantha Lee is currently studying a Bachelors in Forest Science and Management and is passionate about humans and their relationship to their forests - both economically, socially and spiritually. With a B of Digital Media also under her belt, she brings to IEF many years of experience leading and inspiring teams. When not busying herself with the operational ins and outs of IEF (volunteer), she spends her time enamoured by biodiversity and eucalypts.
Hoang Linh Bui

Hoang Linh Bui

IT Systems Administrator - Intern

Linh graduated a double degree course in Computer Science and Games & Interactivity at the Swinburne University of Technology. Although he specializes in Game Development, he is looking to explore more of the IT industry and thanks to his fascination toward exploring different cultures, he finds the internship at IEF a great opportunity to develop his career and his knowledge. He is hoping to contribute to IEF's projects with his unique skill set and cultural values. In his spare time, he likes to read books, listen to music and play games as well as giving them in-depth analyses and sometimes even does volunteer translation works from Japanese to English. He also practices Kenjutsu, a Japanese martial arts to stay healthy and maintain discipline.
Lizzy Medynskyj

Lizzy Medynskyj

Creative Designer

With over 7 years professional graphic design experience across Sydney and London, Lizzy Medynskyj has a real passion for learning and strives to live a selfless life helping others through her creativity and compassion. Lizzy has voluntarily offered her services as IEF's Creative Designer to support positive change for Indigenous cultures and the planet at large.
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Charlotte Lee

Finance & Bookkeeping


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