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For our work against the displacement of Indigenous peoples, IEF relies on support from people like you. If you like what we do and would like to help us make a positive difference, please consider the following ways you can give your support:
Give a donation
IEF General Donation
Your tax-deductible donation will help improve the future for Indigenous peoples. Donate
Suku Mentawai
IEF Suku Mentawai
Make a tax-deductible donation directly to the Suku Mentawai education program. Donate
Online Shop
Indigenous Education Foundation Shop
Want a gift in return for your support? Check out our online shop. Visit our store
Promote IEF
Be active. Download the tools to help promote IEF through your own community. Promote
Raise Funds
Contact IEF with your fundraising ideas and we'll help make them a success! Contact
Leave a Legacy
IEF Legacy
Contact us about leaving a legacy and supporting IEF well into the future. Contact
Donation Card
IEF Gift Cards.
Give a donation and send one of our IEF Gift Cards to a loved one. Buy
Other Ways To Give
Indigenous Education Foundation Give
School, business, trust? Contact us to discuss other ways you can show support. Contact
Your Donations
Indigenous Education Foundation Where Your Money Goes
Would you like to know where the money you donate is going? See chart